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Giant Half Santa

Giant Santa was built in 1950, and originally sat in a giant chimney in a giant roadside attraction called Santa’s Candy Kitchen.

Tragically Santa’s Candy Kitchen, including Santa’s chimney, were bulldozed in 2001, leaving just half a giant Santa without a chimney or a home.

Thankfully the giant half Santa was saved from the wrecking ball and now lives happily in Oxnard, despite having no legs and only half a torso.

Giant half a Santa was moved to his current location in Oxnard in 2003. He does sit behind a fence, obviously because he has no legs to run away from hoodlums.

Giant half a Santa now has several new friends including a snow man, a toy soldier, and a deer.

We went to visit giant half a Santa just as a nearby school was letting out for the day. While we stopped and stared and photographed giant half a Santa, not one of those passing school kids batted an eye or even looked sideways at giant half a Santa.


Southern California #91 - last visited October 2020

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