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Giant Marilyn Monroe

The 26-foot-tall giant Marilyn Monroe was sculpted by artist John Seward Johnson II in 2011.

The sculpture replicates the famous subway grate scene from “Seven Year Itch”, where a gust of wind plays havoc with Marilyn's cream pleated Travilla designed halter dress as a bemused Tom Ewell looks on. It is one of the most iconic moments in film history.

The giant Marilyn Monroe has made guest appearances in several locations across America, and also in Australia, where we had the chance to visit her as part of a major Marilyn retrospective at Bendigo Art Gallery. She now resides permanently in Palm Springs.

Roadside attraction, art, trash, fabulous, insulting, celebratory, sexist, let’s just say the giant Marilyn is controversial.

Us lowbrows - we love it - as a roadside attraction she ticks every box, and as a work of art she sparks controversy and conversation - boxes also ticked.


Southern California #126 - last visited October 2022

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