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Giant Showgirls

Everyone knows the famous Betty Willis designed 1959 “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, and those who venture downtown in Las Vegas might recall the lesser known “Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas” sign, based on the same sign.


Sadly, the downtown sign was flattened by a truck in 2016 (reasons why we can’t have nice things), but from the ashes rose two giant light up show girls, acting as the new gateway to the downtown area.


As lovers of giant things, our giant showgirl joy only escalated when we realized the giant showgirls are surrounded by stacks of giant chips and giant dice - oh happy days.


The giant light up showgirls look their best at night, but if you want a photo op you might feel safer jumping out of the car for a selfie during the day.


The giant showgirls are walking distance from The Stratosphere, but there is also parking nearby.


At 26 feet tall, the giant showgirls bring old school glitz and glamour to Downtown Las Vegas - glorious.


Southern Nevada # 19 -last visited February 2024

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