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Giant Twister Board

The Giant Twister Board is actually an entire giant Twister ROOM! No longer will your Twister game be limited to the floor - here it also includes the walls - and the roof!

You will find it in the amazing TWA hotel at JFK airport in New York.

There is an elevator and walkway directly from the air terminal to the hotel, and you do not need to be a hotel guest to pop over for a quick game of giant Twister between flights.

Don’t panic if your back is already out from that 20-hour flight from Australia. There is also a nearby cocktail lounge where you can watch others spin the Twister wheel and tie themselves in knots.

Twister was glamorously introduced to the world in 1966, when Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played a quick game on The Tonight Show.

Some people complained that the game seemed risqué and inappropriate for teens (you know how they can be). Despite the criticism, Twister went on to sell millions of copies. As a matter of fact, we have one ourselves!

So Right foot blue! - and Left hand red!


New York #2 - last visited September 2022

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