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House of Tomorrow

It’s probably best known as being Elvis and Priscilla’s 1967 Honeymoon House, but purist's eyes will begin to twitch if you call it that.

The House of Tomorrow was designed by Palmer and Krisel in the early 1960’s for Bob and Helene Alexander of the Alexander Construction Company. (The company that built most of the mid-century neighbourhoods in Palm Springs)

You can get an amazing view of it from the street, but please don’t trespass as this is private property. Look for the enormous circular master bedroom that juts out to the street, boomerang shaped roof, decorative gates, stone walls, and waterfall steps that lead to the glamorous double front door.

We feel lucky to have been inside this house, which is designed in a series of circular or curved rooms emanating from a circular kitchen, all in white, that I would DIE for.

Although the house now has new owners, it was basically untouched when we visited, and the amazing en suite bathroom, with feature sunken tub and enormous glamorizing area really looks like it was made for Elvis.

If the new owners open the house for tours, we can guarantee you will be happy to tour this glamorous and unique home.

Sidebar your honor- Just to prove it’s true, here are some pictures of Elvis and Priscilla at the House of Tomorrow.


Southern California #102 - last visited November 2020

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