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The Original Farmers Market

The LA farmers market is a must do whenever we’re in LA.

We love an open-air late morning bacon and eggs breakfast at Charlies Coffee Shop, enjoying the people watching and the wonderful freshly squeezed juice and the terrible piping hot coffee.

Or maybe you’re a bit fancier, and choose Dupar's, a diner that has been there since 1938.

The Farmers Market has a rich and amazing history, and there are lots of informative displays loaded with vintage ephemera that tell you all about it. It has been there since 1934 after all.

Look for the iconic clock tower, built in 1948, Bobs Donuts for most adorable store front, Kips Toyland for a walk down memory lane, or Phils Deli where you can sit at the counter and eat a hot dog.

And then grab one of the adorable iconic vintage green wooden shopping carts and load up with fruit and vegetables - as we say in Australia - top day out!

sidebar your honour:

Here is Miss Shirley Temple working at The Farmers Market to raise money for the red cross in 1936. And Marilyn Monroe, Miss Cheesecake of 1953, at the grand opening of Michaels Cheesecake (shown here with cheesecake king, stall owner, and former Polish diplomat Michael Gaszynski)

I could die


Southern California #27 - last visited 16th July 2022

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