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Liberace Mansion

The Liberace Mansion was built in 1962 and purchased by Liberace in 1972. Actually, the mansion started life as two separate homes that Liberace modified in to one large 15,000 square foot mansion.

The most famous (and infamous) part of the mansion is the Moroccan Room, a second-floor glass roofed atrium named for its exotic design, and copper tile imported from Morocco.

If you do a google you can find a few videos of the serious state of disrepair and neglect the mansion had fallen in to by the early 2000’s.

Luckily it was saved by a true Liberace fan who has restored it to its former gaudy glory.

The Liberace mansion was declared a building of historical and cultural significance by Clark County Nevada in 2016.

The mansion is a private home, but there are many features you can see from the street, including the upstairs glass atrium.

Look for Liberace’s “L” logo in the iron fencing, and also the hand carved front door, which was once the front door of the New York governor's mansion.


Southern Nevada #16 -last visited April 2023

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