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Mr. Milk Bottle

Meet the very Dapper Mr. Milk Bottle.

He may have seen better days, but he’s still smiling, doffing his top hat to passersby, and pointing the way to what is now a convenience store, but what once was an alta dena dairy.

Facts about the birth of Mr. Milk Bottle are scarce, but best guess is that he’s been directing passersby to the drive thru dairy since the early 1960’s.

He shows signs of having once sported a neon trim, but all that is left of that are the scars where the neon tubes once connected to the sign.

Our pictures show Mr. Milk Bottles “good side”. The reverse side of the sign is decidedly less glamorous, yet Mr. Milk Bottle happily smiles from both sides, making your trip to the dairy, fun, kooky, and delightful.


Southern California #118 -last visited September 2022

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