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Museum of Broadway

One million gajillion stars for The Museum of Broadway. It is an eye poppingly fun experience not to be missed.

What sets the Broadway Museum apart from other museums, and helps make it so visually beautiful, is the inclusion of artists and designers along with theatre historians in curating every aspect of Broadway’s history and the theatre experience.

Many exhibits are interactive - you can stand backstage living the stage managers life, run from your dressing room when you hear your five-minute call, or experience what it feels like to stand on the stages of Broadway’s most famous theaters.

The collection of costumes, ephemera and memorabilia is endless, and the use of neon throughout the museum made our eyes explode with happiness. - And the soundscapes add another layer to the experience (especially the tap-dancing parts!)

Every millimetre of The Museum of Broadway is extremely Instagrammable. There are zillions of mini vignettes, from the office of The Producers, to the Yellow Brick Road, just waiting for you to step in to them.

Set aside a couple of hours at least to enjoy The Museum of Broadway. and warn your Insta followers there are about to be a LOT of new pictures on your account.


New York #5 -last visited March 2023

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