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Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures, since 1912, is really the last remaining iconic major studio in Hollywood and has served as the production site for thousands of movies and TV shows.

Lots of interesting parts of the studio, crowned by those gates, can be seen from the street

We chose to also take the studio tour which we highly recommend. The tour was fun and informative, and we loved everything we saw, from a collection of glorious Edith Head costumes to the backlot, to the set of Tv show “Grace and Frankie” (but I guess that’s just a memory now - boo hoo)

oh… and you know who managed to step into the Star Trek Enterprises turbolift (turbo lift people - it was referred to as a transporter by someone and a Star Trek nerd almost lost his mind - -I think his eye is still twitching)


Southern California #51 - last visited February 16th 2019

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