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Peggy Sue's Diner

If you’re driving from LA to Vegas, then I command you to stop at Peggy Sue’s Diner.

It’s a ritual with us, and as we walk through the juke box shaped doors, we always hope we can get a seat in the original booths at the front of the diner, or at the counter (although, since COVID they have not allowed seating at the counter)

Peggy Sue’s is a popular stop though, so you might have to follow the yellow brick road through the rabbit warren of other dining rooms, all with their own unique charm.

The food is good solid diner food, the servers wear fabulous retro style uniforms, and yes, you can order deep fried pickles.

And after you pay, you’ll get a ticket for a free tootsie roll at the gift shop, which is crammed full of every retro tchotchke you can imagine (the gift shop, not the tootsie roll)

If you need to use the rest room, well, ladies, prepare to be surprised. *If you know, you know*…. I know what’s coming, but it gives me a jolt every time.

If you need to stretch your legs before hitting the road again, there is a halfhearted dinosaur park out the back that you are welcome to wander around.


Southern California #66 - last visited November 2021

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