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Philippe French Dip

Philippe The Original, since 1908, is the originator of the French Dip Sandwich (although their arch nemesis Cole French dip also claim that achievement as their own)

Due to the construction of the 101 Freeway, Philippe’s was forced to move from their original location, and have been in their current location since 1951.

A French dip sandwich (vegetarians block your ears now) is either roast beef, roast pork, leg of lamb, or turkey, served in a French roll, and dipped into the natural gravy of the roasts. OMG DELICIOUS (vegetarians unblock your ears)

You can order other stuff too, but if its anything other than mustard on the side, then WHY!?

(I’m not joking - they make their own mustard - you should consider taking some home)

Brilliantly, Phillipe’s charged a nickel for a cup of coffee until 1977, when they outrageously upped it to a dime. Today it will set you back 45 cents.

A visit to Philippes is very entertaining. There are 10 carvers all in a line, and you wait in one of the ten lines until it's your turn to watch your sandwich expertly made. Then make your way across the sawdust strewn floor to one of the booths or long wooden tables to enjoy your meaty delight.

Take a minute to admire all the news clippings and civic citations framed on the wall, and if you need to make a phone call ….. look at those phone booths!!!!

We love Philippes - one hundred million billion stars.


Southern California #44 - last visited 12th December 2018

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