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Pinball Hall of Fame

One of us LOVES to play pinball … and I don’t mind it either.

Since discovering the Pinball Hall of Fame, we never leave Las Vegas without spending a couple of hours here.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is right across the road from the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. The Hall of Fame recently installed their own amazing neon sign, so the museum is super easy to find - also the world’s largest PINBALL sign on their building makes them hard to miss.

Inside you will find rows and rows of pinball machines, roughly organised in decades, from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.

You are welcome to play them all, so bring LOTS of quarters (or turn your cash in to quarters at the front entrance at change machines that formerly lived at the Golden Nugget)

The Pinball Hall of Fame has over 150 pinball machines, and more than 50 arcade machines. It even has a working "Disneyland Toy Factory”, a “Mold-a-rama” machine from the 1960’s that made us a pink wax Pluto!!

Our favourite machines include 1992’s Addams Family, 1970’s Big Flipper, 1964’s Bowling Queen, and 2007’s Family Guy. They also have 1991’s Gilligan's Island, 1965’s Kings and Queens, and 1947’s Heavy Hitter.


Southern Nevada #6 - last visited November 2021

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