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Randy's Donuts

We have had a long love affair with Randy’s Donuts.

Its proximity to LAX made it our regular first stop when arriving in LA from Australia (before we moved here permanently)

As soon as we’d see that giant donut, we’d know we had ARRIVED.

Randy’s donuts, since 1952, is probably the most famous and easily recognizable donut shop in the world due to the 32-foot-tall donut sitting on its roof.

You know we love programmatic, or novelty architecture, and Randy’s donuts is one of the most iconic examples.

Randy's was originally a part of the Big Donut Drive-In Chain, which had 8 or 9 stores across LA, all sporting giant donuts. The chain no longer exists, and the few remaining stores, including Randy's, all have unique owners.

You can drive thru, or if you’ve just been on a 15-hour flight, you can use the walk-up window, and enjoy a delicious donut and a terrible coffee while you’re stretching your legs and warding off deep vein thrombosis.

Look for Randy’s donuts in millions of movies and TV shows, including “Get Shorty”, “Crocodile Dundee”, “Californication”, “Entourage”, “Iron Man 2”….. and the beat goes on.

Randy's sells 28 kinds of donuts, but the most popular is the replica of the one on the roof. In fact, plain, or glazed are sometimes referred to as with, or without pigeon poop - charmed, I’m sure.


Southern California #46 - last visited 6th December 2021

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