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From the mind of artist Kenny Irwin erupts Robolights - a magical world of neon robots, futuristic junk art, zombie santas, and frankensteined carnival rides.

Robolights was once a magical Christmas experience. Kenny would open the gates to his 2-acre Palm Springs property for the month of December, and for a small donation (that you threw down a festive toilet), you could wander the incredible magical robolights world, festooned for the season in a million twinkle lights to light your way through what I imagine a trip on LSD might look like.

Sadly, as Robolights popularity exploded (we went every year as did all our neighbors), Kenny’s own neighbors grew a little tired of the nightly traffic jams and blocked driveways, and Robolights was no more.

HOWEVER, there is still SO MUCH of Robolights you can still see from the street it is definitely worth a visit.

Remember this is private property so please don't scale any walls, or wander down the driveway, but a walk around the property perimeter will give you a good view of some amazing and enormous robots, and other art created from thousands of tons of donated junk.

And word on the street is that Kenny will be re-locating RoboLights to a more visitor friendly location - fingers crossed


Southern California #15- last visited 12th July 2022

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