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Sonny Bono Statue

This statue of Sonny Bono perched on the edge of a fountain, stroking a large pot, seems to also be awkwardly inviting you to sit on his knee. There is a LOT going on.

The Big Bronze Sonny Bono was created by artist Emmanuil Snitkovsky in 2001.

For better or worse, the statue depicts an older Sonny Bono, during his reign as mayor of Palm Springs, rather than the younger Sonny Bono, who was the star of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and was married to Cher.

Although Sonny Bono sadly died in a skiing accident in 1998, the big Bronze Bono lives on in Downtown Palm Springs.


Look Down! Sonny Bono’s star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars is located right in front of the Big Bronze Bono.


Southern California #119 -last visited September 2022

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