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Taylors Steak House

As soon as we saw this old school vintage restaurant on an episode of TV’s “The Lincoln Lawyer”, we knew we had to find it.

Walk in the door of Taylor’s Steak House, and you’ll realise this glamorous dimly lit chop house must look exactly the same in daylight or at night.

Taylor’s has been serving steaks and martinis since 1953, and they’re pretty good at both. - broiled steaks like they’re always eating in Jacqueline Sussan novels, and martinis to die.

When we arrived for our 7pm dinner there was more than one table of the about to retire expense account set, and I’m pretty sure they’d been there since lunch. People sat at the black leather bar enjoying a smart drink before being shown to their table, and we eavesdropped on quite a bit of industry talk and watched people table hop like a scene from “The Women”. (if they had all been men)

We could only understand every 3rd word our waiter said and we loved him - I think he started working there on day one. Apart from comprehension, the service was impeccable.

We loved Taylor’s Steak House and can’t wait to go back.

(Please note that Taylors has STANDARDS - they ask that gentlemen please wear a shirt with a collar, a shoe where we can’t see your disgusting toes, and do please remove your hat on arrival)


Southern California #110 - last visited August 2022

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