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The Batcave

Bronson Cave is a man-made tunnel in Griffith Park.

It is a darling of Hollywood location scouts, but best known as the entrance to the Bat Cave in the 1960’s TV series “Batman”.

And may i just say, ONE of us nearly died from happiness visiting the Bat Cave ….. and the other one complained she got a pebble in her shoe.

The Bat Cave is a short hike up a slight incline from Canyon Drive on the south side of Griffith Park.

You can walk in to the “cave” (actually a short tunnel) and won’t need a flashlight to explore inside.

Don’t forget to look up as you walk back down the hill as you get a great view of the Hollywood sign.

PS. -not to burst your bat cave bubble, but Bronson cave was actually man made in 1903 by the Union Rock Company - sorry.

sidebar your honour:

Here is Batman at the Bat Cave


Southern California #65 - last visited October 2020

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