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The Donut Hole

This is the kind of place we live for, just sitting casually on a suburban corner in La Puente.

Guys - It’s a drive thru tunnel of donuts - made of two giant donuts! Someone is an architectural GENIUS! yet strangely there is no record of who this genius is.

We do know the donut hole opened in 1964, that several donut holes were built, but the La Puente location is the last one still standing.

We visit the donut hole as often as we can - driving through the double donut tunnel is more fun than driving through the car wash!

And by the way, the donuts are delish, not to mention inventive. Care for a Lucky Charms encrusted donut? this is the place (the diabetes is on the house)

Last time we were there, we ordered a bacon topped maple log (checking we had our in-car defibrillator on hand first)

We love the donut hole - one million stars.

sidebar your honor: here is a picture of the Weiner-Mobile driving through the donut hole - I could die


Southern California #13 - last visited April 16th 2021

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