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The Formosa Cafe

We had a great night at The Formosa Cafe.

We sat in the trolley carriage with a great view of the glorious bar, enjoyed smart drinks, and ate delicious things with chopsticks.

The 1933 Group, (our heroes), who have saved several unique kooky vintage Los Angeles businesses from death, are responsible also for saving the historic Formosa Cafe.

The Formosa first opened its doors in 1939, and its location is opposite what was then the Samuel Goldwyn Studios, so The Formosa was obviously simply dripping with movie stars back in the day.

We dined in an original iconic red trolley car dating back to 1904, apparently it's the oldest in existence. (The trolley car, not us)

Pro-tip: check their website and visit according to your mood. -a drink in one of the sumptuous banquettes in the front bar at cocktail hour, an early dinner reservation to soak up the old Hollywood vibe, or a late dinner or drink, which may be accompanied by a DJ spinning loud young people's music - what!? ….. WHAT!? …. WHAAAAATTTTTT did you say!!!!?????

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Southern California #8 - Last visited 12th June 2022

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