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The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum experience truly starts at the front door, due to the wonderful building it is housed in. Neoclassical in style, this 1930’s downtown building was once home to the US Post Office and whether mailing a casual ransom note, or being held for trial, I’m sure an actual mobster or two visited the building back in the day.

The building has been lovingly restored and kept largely intact. You will walk past a wall of vintage P.O. boxes, and also sit in an original courtroom to watch an audio-visual presentation about various mob related courtroom dramas and hearings.

You don’t have to be one hundred percent into classic crime and punishment to enjoy the Mob Museum. The very large dose of Vintage Vegas, including images and footage of long-gone casinos and showgirls had us enthralled, as did the many mob adjacent artifacts, from Dick Tracy Books to the actual bullet ridden wall from the St Valentine's Day massacre (ew)

There is tiered pricing on the entry tickets - we bought the most inexpensive one, the self-guided tour, and enjoyed spending time with the things that fascinated us and whizzing by the things that didn't. If you become enthralled, there are a LOT of detailed and informative story boards, so plan to spend a little time.

Since we visited, some optional separately priced interactive elements have been added to the museum. As I would rather run a hot fork down my arm than be in the vicinity of anything that smells of “audience participation”, I’m not too sad we can’t report on those.


Southern Nevada #11 - last visited November 2019

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