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The Tile House

Full disclosure: the tile house belongs to our friends Perry and Doug.

That being said, we can also point out that it is Airbnb’s number one wish list house, so if you can get a booking, GO!

The Tile House is made of a magical endless mosaic featuring Mexican tile, glass baubles, vintage ceramic trinkets, broken plates and found tile all grouted into the walls and floors inside and out. - inside. and. out.

It also has an amazing collection of junk art and found objects in the yard giving it a cool mid-century Miss Haversham’s roadside attraction vibe..

It’s rather off the beaten track, but if you do drive by there is a lot to see from the street. (dirt road) Look for the plastic horsie. Please remember this is private property and do not trespass.

Another way to visit The Tile House is to visit one of the annual Highway 62 art tours, which is a fabulous desert scavenger hunt in its own right. Find out how to do that here.


Southern California #86 - last visited October 2021

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