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Tropics Motor Hotel

The Tropics Motor Hotel, on the corner of Train Tracks and Where Are We in Indio is a vintage gem that will make your eyes explode with kitschy old motel happiness.

Built in 1965, the motel retains most of its mid-century tiki themed features, including a FABULOUS neon sign, mid-century structures, tropical inspired railings, two giant tikis standing guard at the front entrance, and palm trees by the pool.

The Tropics Motor Hotel is one of five Polynesian themed hotels built by hotelier Ken Kimes in the 1960’s. Only three still stand - The Tropics Motor Hotel, The Tiki Lodge in Modesto, and The Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs, which is the most glamorous of the three.

I’d read the reviews before booking a room here, (pro tip - Joe C’s review on Trip Advisor titled “Really Good for Coachella” is a must read) but it’s definitely worth stopping the car and enjoying the memory of kitschy themed highway motel days gone by (did i already mention the neon sign? because it really is a great sign).


Southern California #124 last visited February 2019

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