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TWA Uniform Collection

There are a million fun and retro things to see and do at the TWA hotel at JFK airport.

Your eyes will bug out of your head a million times while you’re at this amazing 1960’s time capsule airport terminal turned hotel.

For vintage clothing lovers like myself, the collection of vintage TWA uniforms, located on the mezzanine, is not to be missed.

The collection has more than 600 pieces, from serving smocks, to pilots' hats, spanning decades - from 1945 to 2001 to be precise.

There are also adorable travel cases packed with vintage ephemera, travel brochures, and accessories. I almost fainted from the retro glamour.

This permanent exhibition has been curated by the New York Historical Society. It’s open 24 hours a day and is free to the public.

You can enter the TWA hotel directly from the airport, and do not need to be staying at the hotel to enjoy this exhibition (and all the other fabulous public areas. Ladies, don’t miss the rest room)


New York #1 - last visited September 2022

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