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Valley Relics Museum

Tucked away in an industrial area of Van Nuys Airport, without much fanfare, hide a couple of nondescript air hangars that houses one of our favorite. museums. ever.

Plan to spend at least a couple of hours gazing at the Valley Relic Museums eclectic and comprehensive collection of everything.

And if you like to play pinball, plan another hour, as after you’ve paid the museum entrance fee, you can play their collection of vintage pinball machines for FREE!

And if you’ve been before, go again, because their collection gets larger and more impressive each time we visit.

Most impressive is the huge hangar of restored and working neon signs - my eyes almost exploded with happiness.

There are also jaw dropping classic cars, memorabilia, personal belongings and props and costumes of the stars, BMX bikes, restaurant signs and menus, and at least two of everything else you can think of.

Don’t leave without taking a look in the gift shop - their tee-shirt collection is nifty daddy o.


Southern California #47 - last visited 12th December 2020

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