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World's Biggest Button

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a giant button flying through the air in the garment district of New York.

Upon closer inspection it transpires the giant button is actually supported by a silver thread, and giant needle (yes, I also just heard that Wanda Jackson song in my head)

The world’s largest button is 15 feet in diameter, made of aluminium, and painted a bright glossy taxi cab yellow.

The button is pierced by a 32 foot brushed stainless steel needle, and is supported by a tangled steel thread that helps the button stand 28 feet off the ground.

The giant button replaces a previous incarnation, in grey, which had rested atop a garment district information booth since the 1990’s.

The information booth is now gone, and the new giant button is free standing, so you can walk around and even under it, if you feel like upskirting a giant button.


New York #4 - last visited March 2023

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